A ‘grace’ from the Osage Indians

Footprints I make! I go to the field with eager haste.
Footprints I make! Amid rustling leaves I stand.
Footprints I make! Amid yellow blossoms I stand.
Footprints I make! I stand with exultant pride.
Footprints I make! I hasten homeward with a burden of gladness.
Footprints I make! There’s joy and gladness in my home.
Footprints I make! I stand amidst a day of contentment.

This harvest song of the Osage Indians — a nomadic people who lived along the Osage and Missouri rivers in what is today Western Missouri — celebrates the first corn of the season. It was sung by a mother as she ran to tell her children the exciting news of their new crop. The words were passed on to successive generations through oral tradition.

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