A review from the UK

It’s encouraging to see another review of Eating Heaven all the way from Bristol in the UK. Helen Pears writes as part of Urban Life, a teaching and research institute associated with the Bristol Baptist College and Trinity College Bristol. You can read the review here.

‘Eating Heaven’ in The Melbourne Anglican

It is encouraging to see another review of Eating Heaven in the May issue of The Melbourne Anglican. For those of my non Anglican-speaking friends, here it is. EATING: ‘ONE OF THE MOST MEANING-LADEN ACTIVITIES OF OUR LIVES’ Reviewed by Brian Porter What a delicious book to feast on, whether as a gift to give or…

Another review of Eating Heaven

Another review of Eating Heaven has appeared in Teach: The Journal of Christian Education. Eating Heaven, short listed for the 2014 Australian Christian Book of the Year awards, blends both anecdotal and scholarly research to produce a highly readable commentary on eating at “the tables of daily life.” Simon Carey Holt has written this book…

Eating Heaven on Wesley Impact

A few weeks back I was on Wesley Impact, a program on Channel 9 (way too early on a Sunday morning) talking about Eating Heaven. It was all part of Homeless Persons Week and the segment included some photos of the great work done at Collins Street in our partnership with Urban Seed. Thinking it too…

Down a Melbourne laneway

There’s a great little article by Sophie Timothy in Eternity, a publication of the Bible Society, that provides a glimpse into the work of Urban Seed and Collins Street through Credo Cafe. You can read it here.

Eating Heaven shortlisted

Encouraging to see Eating Heaven shortlisted in the 2014 Australian Christian Literature Awards. The awards will be announced August 14.

Another Amazon review of Eating Heaven

Mix of sociology, psychology, theology and recipes to boot!  Author Simon Carey Holt takes us from the kitchen table of his childhood, down the café-lined alleyways of Melbourne, into a suburban backyard in Footscray, back to the white-linen tables of Jacques Reymond, through the working kitchens of a chef, around our tables that celebrate life…

Another review of Eating Heaven

Back from holidays to see my friend and fellow Baptist Alison Sampson has written a wonderful review of Eating Heaven. I owe her a coffee … at least! Here’s part of what Alison has said: The book is layered and rich, reflecting Simon’s background as trained chef, sociologist, theologian, and Baptist minister. It also reflects his love of…

A review @ Koorong Books

There’s a lovely review of Eating Heaven from Paul over at Koorong Books: Simon Carey Holt has a great gift to write engagingly, proved by his authorship of his book God Next Door, which won Australian Christian Book of The Year in 2008. In Eating Heaven he has managed to convey lucidly his love of…

Eating Heaven with the Carmelites

The Carmelite Centre here in Melbourne hosts a monthly spiritual reading group. In May I’ll be speaking on my book Eating Heaven. Details below:

Review in Perspectives

Merridie Costello has written a very generous review of Eating Heaven in the Autumn issue of Zadok Perspectives.

Another review

There’s another review of Eating Heaven by Sheelagh Wegman in the Tasmanian Anglican. You can read it here.

Two more reviews

Two more reviews of Eating Heaven. Fellow Baptist and good friend Darren Cronshaw has reviewed the book for The Missional Network. You can read his words here. And Wendy Rush over at the South Australian Rise Magazine has also been generous in the February issue. ‘ … an easy, revealing and thoroughly enjoyable read about our place…


Though church ministers do all sorts of odd things, it’s not often they get to host cooking demonstrations. You gotta love this job! Just yesterday, as part of the Feast•Pray•Love art exhibition and the wider Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, I got to foist my minimal cooking expertise on some unsuspecting folks at Collins Street’s…

Interview with Eternity

  Eternity is a national religious newspaper published monthly by the Bible Society.  Not only has my ever-so-slightly-biased friend Kara Martin (faculty member at Ridley College) written a very generous review of Eating Heaven, they’ve now published an extended interview they did with me on the subject of the book.

‘Eating Heaven’ at Readings

Chris Gordon, Events Manager at Readings Bookstore, has offered some affirming words for Eating Heaven. As we move towards our Christmas Day preparations for the ‘Meal to End All Meals’, with expectations heightened by all around you, let’s remember why we do this every single year, even if we are not religious, spiritual or family…

‘Eating Heaven’ on Radio National

Tonight on Radio National’s The Spirit of Things, the program Food for Body and Soul includes an interview I did with the delightful Rachael Kohn on Eating Heaven. You can download the podcast here.

Ethos review

Just yesterday the Ethos Centre for Christianity and Society included a review of Eating Heaven by Megan Curlis-Gibson in its Engage publication. The review includes reflections on much more than the book. It’s worth a read.

Review in Australian Christian Writers

The author Anne Hamilton has provided a lovely review on the site of Australian Christian Writers, an organisation, I’m afraid to say, I didn’t even know existed. But now I do! Thank you Anne. You can access the review here.