Another review of Eating Heaven

Back from holidays to see my friend and fellow Baptist Alison Sampson has written a wonderful review of Eating Heaven. I owe her a coffee … at least!

Here’s part of what Alison has said:

The book is layered and rich, reflecting Simon’s background as trained chef, sociologist, theologian, and Baptist minister. It also reflects his love of Melbourne in the descriptions of laneway cafés and linen-topped restaurant tables; the juxtaposition of social inclusion and fancy pastries at one downtown church; and the transformative power of eating together in a multicultural city. Whether reminiscing over crowded kitchen tables or backyard barbecues, or savouring the perfect café latte or fancy restaurant dinner, Simon is always thoughtful. In a culture of empty food porn, his voice nourishes and refreshes. He not only enjoys the food, but also contemplates how poverty and wealth, hospitality and exclusiveness, celebration and mourning, and many other issues play out when we sit down at the table. His gentle questions and tentative suggestions are always thought-provoking.

You can read the full review here.

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  1. I agree with Alison (!) and Simon your presentation at Hammond Care’s dementia conference last week was inspirational and aptly gave us a beautiful picture of how far food goes beyond the mere eating. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Ngarie! It was lovely to meet you there and to connect, if only briefly. Regardless, I felt connected already through your book!

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