A review @ Koorong Books

There’s a lovely review of Eating Heaven from Paul over at Koorong Books:

Simon Carey Holt has a great gift to write engagingly, proved by his authorship of his book God Next Door, which won Australian Christian Book of The Year in 2008. In Eating Heaven he has managed to convey lucidly his love of food and eating, his love of Melbourne and its cafes and restaurants and his love for God and family. Since I picked a copy I haven’t been able to put it down. I even took it to work with me two days in a row to try to sneak in a few pages between jobs. I love Simon’s ability to discuss the ordinary in a way that enables us to see the beauty of eggs for breakfast on a Friday morning in a favourite caf; his Mum’s Chocolate Pudding Recipe; a Footscray veggie garden that grows spinach, beans, tomatoes and garlic; family meal times; the delightful simplicity of the backyard BBQ and sharing a cup of tea. Simon has managed to do a range of things in Eating Heaven. He’s told his own story; that of his family of origin and now his own family. He’s written an ode to Melbourne’s cafes and restaurants. He’s celebrated the act of food preparation, of cooking and of eating. He’s unpacked the communal significance of all of this for us as human beings and he has reflected deeply on what he calls Spirituality at the Table. As Simon writes he has tried ‘to help us better understand why all tables are spiritually charged, rich with possibility for all people, regardless of tradition or belief.’ A great read, at so many levels.

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