Poetry from the kitchen #12

A la Carte

Elisabeth Rowe

Let me prepare for you
Corn fed carp with a coulis of saffron marmalade
Filo parcels of snails in sorrel sauce

Let me bring to your table
Caribbean caviar with galette of pistachio and endive
Ballottine of quail with mozzarella

Consider tonight’s special
Rack of pigeon with Roquefort and chargrilled pinenuts
Red mullet in a maple syrup marinade

And for the sweet tooth
Quenelles of passion fruit parfait with parmesan shavings
Beetroot sorbet in a spun sugar basket

Don’t come here to eat
If you don’t know your bourride from your bouillabaisse
Don’t cry for me, fettucine

This is my philosophy:
Recipes are like dogs, they can smell fear;
Saucepans have ears
Knives have a way of cutting

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