Poetry from the kitchen #9

Recipe for Psalm 23

In one of Cameron Semmens’ many delightful books of poetry, Love is the New Black, he offers twenty-three versions of Psalm 23. This one is in the form of a recipe and does my heart good today.


  • 1 LORD — in shepherd form.
  • 1 LAMB — in human form.
  • 3 PASTURES — preferably green
  • 1 BODY OF WATER — still AND sparkling.
  • 1 bundle of RIGHTEOUSNESS PATHS — ensure these paths are for “God’s glory.”
  • 1 VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH — handle with care.
  • 1 TABLE.
  • 300mls of OIL.
  • 2 teaspoons of GOODNESS.
  • 3 cups of LOVE.
  • And an endless supply of FOREVER.


Place lamb in Lord’s refining fire
and sear until lamb is not wanting,
then remove from fire and place lamb in still waters
with a handful of green pastures.

While lamb cools and settles
roll out 1 path of righteousness for lamb to follow.

Briefly dip lamb in valley of the shadow of death
but keep Lord close by so lamb will not fear,
and stir with rod and staff until comforted.

Set table for lamb in full view of enemies.
Marinate head with oil. Overfill cup.

Follow lamb with bottomless tubs of
goodness and love until life is out of date.

Then store in house of the Lord forever.

9780975710029_928576@2xCameron Semmens, Love is the New Black, Crooked Nose Wisdom, 2nd edition, 2010, 36-37.

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