Rousseau on the joys of eating locally

“In my food I will always choose what most owes its charms to nature, and what has passed through the fewest possible hands on its way to the table. I will be on my guard against fraudulent shams: I will go out to meet pleasure. No cook shall grow rich on my gross and foolish greediness; he shall not poison me with fish which cost its weight in gold, my table shall not be decked with fetid splendour or putrid flesh from far-off lands. I will take any amount of trouble to gratify my sensibility, since this trouble has a pleasure of its own, a pleasure more than we expect. If I wished to taste a food from the ends of the earth, I would go, like Apicius, in search of it, rather than send for it; for the daintiest dishes always lack a charm which cannot be brought along with them, a flavour no cook can give them — the air of the country where they were produced.”

Mishra-Rousseau-Trump-New1Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Quoted from Emile (1762)

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