Apricot and olive oil cake

So it’s my last day of leave, my daughter departs for India tomorrow, and apricots are in season. These factors converging, tonight’s dinner was one of lamentation, celebration and some serious apricot consumption.

My choice for an apricot dessert was further inspired by two factors. First, a week ago we headed up a friend’s farm in Nagambie and picked the most gorgeously delicious apricots straight off the tree. In contrast to the mealy things commonly available in supermarkets, these were a reminder of just how close to divine fresh stonefruit can be. Secondly, I salivated over a recent episode of the SBS series Made in Italy with the ever-so-slightly attractive Silvia Colloco. She made an apricot and olive oil cake. Actually she called it a torta all’olio e albicocche, though if I tried to say that you’d be laughing too hard to read on. So I won’t. Oh, and just so things are clear, I salivated over the cake, not Silvia.

IMG_0133So tonight we feasted on home made pizzas (which weren’t half bad!)  and still-warm-from-the-oven torta all’olio e albicocche doused with fresh ricotta cheese and drizzled with honey. At least my lamentations had a sweet ending.

You can find the recipe here. No need for me to restate it. Oh, and don’t leave out the Sambuca. Your beloveds may not appreciate the smell of it straight from the bottle, but in the cake it adds a bite too good to do without.

Really, you should do this. It’s sinfully easy, and it’s good.

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