This week is the final week of the 2017 Feast•Pray•Love art prize and exhibition hosted by the Collins Street Baptist Church. It’s an exhibition that invites artists to explore the deeper meanings evident in our life at the table.

Now in its fifth year, the exhibition is one I feel especially connected to, not only because it arises out of my own church community, but because it adds a poetic and creative depth to the broader conversation on the role of food in our lives.

Coinciding with the annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, one of the most significant of its kind in our region of the world, this exhibition invites the community into a more reflective space. There is much going on in our eating and drinking, so much that taps into our spiritual longings, our stories and our most formative relationships.

All the details of this year’s exhibition can be found at the exhibition’s website: feastpraylove.com

[Image: ‘Mythical Lands’ by Wendy Grace]

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