Interview with Eternity

  Eternity is a national religious newspaper published monthly by the Bible Society.  Not only has my ever-so-slightly-biased friend Kara Martin (faculty member at Ridley College) written a very generous review of Eating Heaven, they’ve now published an extended interview they did with me on the subject of the book.

Supper and justice

‘.. without supper, without love, without table companionship, justice can become a program that we do to other people.’ M. Davis, ‘Dorothy Day: The Only Solution is Love’ in Hospitality 17 (1), 1988.

‘Eating Heaven’ at Readings

Chris Gordon, Events Manager at Readings Bookstore, has offered some affirming words for Eating Heaven. As we move towards our Christmas Day preparations for the ‘Meal to End All Meals’, with expectations heightened by all around you, let’s remember why we do this every single year, even if we are not religious, spiritual or family…

De Botton on the Table

The popular English philosopher Alain de Botton has gotten a mountain of press over his book Religion for Atheists, and not all of it glowing. I’ve commented on it more generally here. But what he says about the table is worth a separate mention. In one of his early chapters, de Botton argues that embracing the stranger…

‘Eating Heaven’ on Radio National

Tonight on Radio National’s The Spirit of Things, the program Food for Body and Soul includes an interview I did with the delightful Rachael Kohn on Eating Heaven. You can download the podcast here.

Ethos review

Just yesterday the Ethos Centre for Christianity and Society included a review of Eating Heaven by Megan Curlis-Gibson in its Engage publication. The review includes reflections on much more than the book. It’s worth a read.

Review in Australian Christian Writers

The author Anne Hamilton has provided a lovely review on the site of Australian Christian Writers, an organisation, I’m afraid to say, I didn’t even know existed. But now I do! Thank you Anne. You can access the review here.